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Modern drive solutions for automation applications demand tailor-made motors. Modular systems permitting flexible configuration for individual drive system design provide the right solution. With its modern ECI family of motors, ebm-papst has for many years been supplying a wide range of drive units, control electronics, transmissions and brake and sensor modules, which can all be combined to produce any desired drive system.

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The manufacturer is now extending the existing 30 to 63 mm diameter motor range with outputs of 30 to 400 W to include a new power level: The ECI 80 with 80 mm diameter (Fig. 1) now offers a rated drive power of up to 750 W in combination with a compact design for demanding applications, including robotics, conveyor, warehousing and sorting systems, medical technology, battery-operated vehicles and driverless transportation systems.

In relation to its compact design, the motor provides an extremely high power density. The high levels of torque are output via the 15 mm thick motor shaft. The special air gap design of the rotor surface reduces the motor cogging torque to a minimum. The motor has been optimized with regard to the overall length and is available in three packet lengths of 20, 40 and 60 mm for either 24 V or 48 V. With a rated output power of 750 W, the largest version achieves a nominal torque of 1.8 Nm. As a particular highlight, the motor features dynamic characteristics, allowing the drive unit to be overloaded by 3 times the rated torque for short periods. This makes it possible to attain a starting torque of 5.5 Nm. The high power density with a pronounced overload capacity, high efficiency and a robust, noise-optimized bearing system open up a wide range of potential applications. The logic supply and power supply are separate thanks to the use of a specially developed, robust connector system that satisfies high industrial standards.

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