VD/VDC product range

Brushless external rotor motors

VD/VDC product range

Brushless external rotor motors

Compact and versatile.

The compact drive with K4 electronics.

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    Brushless external rotor motor VD/VDC series Drive solutions - Industrial drive engineering.

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    K4 drive systems - Brilliantly versatile version.

    (Edition 2017-11-13T23:00:00.000Z) [PDF] 3.99MB

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    Product overview Motors and drive systems - Industrial drive technology.

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Drive engineering products

  • Brushless internal rotor motors ECI

    The outstanding features of the ECI series of electronically commutated internal rotor motors are their high power density and dynamic characteristics.
  • Brushless external rotor motors VD/VDC

    Electronically commutated external rotor motors with a long service life and excellent control characteristics.
  • Brushed internal rotor motors BCI

    The BCI series of mechanically commutated DC motors offers 3 different sizes and many voltage variants.
  • Planetary gears

    Planetary gears offer high transmission ratios and a compact design.
  • Crown gears

    The drive engineering features of our intelligent and innovative angular gears offer a whole range of added benefits.
  • Spur gears

    The outstanding features of our spur gears are their space-saving design and extremely smooth operation.
  • Controllers

    Integrated and external control electronics for motor actuation.
  • Encoders

    Magnetic and optical encoder systems round off the modular range.
  • Brakes

    A selection of brake modules based on the spring-applied brake principle rounds off the modular product range.

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