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Product innovation EtaCrown®Plus – extremely compact and powerful

  • May 14, 2019
  • Product News

The new EtaCrown®Plus is an extremely compact and powerful drive unit.

On account of its high performance density, it can be described as the most compact bevel gearhead of its kind. The unique combination of crown and planetary gear in one gear unit allows for outstanding high performance with an extremely compact design. With this enhancement, we are continuing the success story of our innovative EtaCrown® bevel gearhead family, and are setting new trends in terms of energy efficiency, safety, environmental direction and the profitability of demanding drive solutions.


For the development of our high-performance EtaCrown® bevel gearheads, we have adopted the key advantage of traditional crown gearhead technology: the toothed wheels of a crown gearhead roll off one another and do not slide, as is the case with worm gears.


For the development of our high-performance EtaCrown® bevel gearheads, we have adopted the key advantage of traditional crown gearhead technology: the toothed wheels of a crown gearhead rollThis has the effect of significantly reducing energy loss, which means that a much higher share of power is available as output power. As a result of our extensive research efforts, we have developed this historic technology to market readiness and optimise the manufacturing process. Today, ebm-papst ZEITLAUF is the only provider that offers an efficient and effective production competence for crown gearheads. Since its market introduction, EtaCrown® has established itself as the leading crown gearhead with a modular system. With the new EtaCrown®Plus, we are again setting new trends in terms of performance and energy efficiency. It features a high efficiency of 76 percent. This addition in performance makes it possible to achieve very efficient drive solutions, since they require much smaller motors with lower energy requirements as compared to worm gears. off one another and do not slide, as is the case with worm gears.

Our efforts at continuous technological enhancements have resulted in a number of ground-breaking engineering feats. Consistent improvements in line with various customer requirements have resulted in EtaCrown®Plus, one of the most compact and powerful gearheads on the market, which allows for a high performance density in the smallest of design spaces, and opens up a number of new application options.

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The impressive performance density is supported by a solid design (steel hollow wheel and steel toothed wheels in the integrated planetary output stage). The input stage consists of an upstream Performax® planetary gearhead stage, which further optimises performance density. This allows for considerable reductions of 54:1 to 289:1 in the two sizes 42 and 63 (standard) with a three-stage design. Nominal torques of 10 Nm (size 42) and 40 Nm (size 63) confirm performance, while peak torques of 25 Nm and 100 Nm in relation to a long lifetime speak for themselves.



The extremely smooth running properties that are typical of ebm-papst ZEITLAUF gearheads can also be found in the EtaCrown® gearhead family. And they were even enhanced in the case of EtaCrown®Plus. 

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Bevelled teeth planetary wheels and a hollow wheel made of high-performance plastic in the standard planetary preliminary stage, intelligent gear-tooth technology and the optimum bearing design of the crown stage, as well as five oil-soaked planetary wheels made of hardened sinter steel in the planetary output stage stand for optimum noise reduction. An average total sound power level of 39,4 dB(A) with the use of a brush-type motor and a reduction of 153:1 are excellent values. The highest sound pressure level impresses with an excellent measurement result at only 31.9 dB(A) and a frequency of 1,600 Hertz.





EtaCrown®Plus – minimum design space and maximum performance

EtaCrown®Plus has considerably expanded the performance bandwidth. In the case of the EtaCrown®Plus, these improved performance values in terms of output power, a compact geometry and smaller motors make for even smaller installation dimensions (while retaining the output power level). The gearhead design and motor form a structural and visual unit, and do not feature the offset that is typical for worm gears. The symmetrical design supports reduced space requirements and facilitates integration into an overall system.


The double-sided support of the output shaft using ball bearings and high-quality plastic slide bearings facilitates maximum radial loads. A high gearhead lifetime of up to 20,000 hours and excellent resistance to overloading are additional performance aspects that result in a number of benefits in practice. The use of the crown stage also ensures a maximum level of safety, since the design of the gearhead does not allow for self-locking and hence facilitates problem-free turning back operations, for example during a power outage. 

A soundly convincing new drive concept available in sizes 42 and 63 mm (edge dimensions), which allows for any number of new application possibilities and increases in efficiency.