From delivery systems for machine tools to packaging machines - everywhere there is a need for automated processes, which in turn require appropriate drive solutions.

Medical technology

Used in imaging systems, dialysis machines and operating tables, modern drive solutions play an important role in medical technology.


The handling of goods throughout the entire process chain is becoming an ever more complex and dynamic task.

Access control

Barriers, access control systems, elevator doors and train door drive units – none of these would work without reliable and robust drive systems.

Drive engineering from ebm-papst

The most important components of a drive solution are the motor, control electronics and transmission.

Anyone looking for a special drive for a particular application usually has to work out the right design for each of these components, find an appropriate supplier and then fit everything together.
That means a lot of development work and great expense.

ebm-papst customers have no such worries – thanks to our unique modular range of drive system products.

Drive engineering products

  • Brushless internal rotor motors ECI

    The outstanding features of the ECI series of electronically commutated internal rotor motors are their high power density and dynamic characteristics.
  • Brushless external rotor motors VD/VDC

    Electronically commutated external rotor motors with a long service life and excellent control characteristics.
  • Brushed internal rotor motors BCI

    The BCI series of mechanically commutated DC motors offers 3 different sizes and many voltage variants.
  • Planetary gears

    Planetary gears offer high transmission ratios and a compact design.
  • Crown gears

    The drive engineering features of our intelligent and innovative angular gears offer a whole range of added benefits.
  • Spur gears

    The outstanding features of our spur gears are their space-saving design and extremely smooth operation.
  • Controllers

    Integrated and external control electronics for motor actuation.
  • Encoders

    Magnetic and optical encoder systems round off the modular range.
  • Brakes

    A selection of brake modules based on the spring-applied brake principle rounds off the modular product range.

ebm-papst – the sustainable company

Technology, environment, people.

"Every new product must be ecologically and economically superior to its predecessor." ebm-papst founder Gerhard Sturm coined this guiding principle right back in 1963. Ever since, our workers have been putting this into practice with the development of energy-efficient GreenTech products at the very highest level.